Design and Build ISO 7 Clean Room Facility

Project Description

Our client urgently needed to expand, having invested in a large empty warehouse space requested our recommendations.

Project Objective: With limited available space in their existing facility and an urgent need to expand to meet the demands of the industry, our client, a single use surgical instrument supplier, who had recently invested in a large empty warehouse space, requested our recommendations.

They required an ISO 7 clean room facility with customised benching/trolleys, temperature control and filtration to prevent contamination during manufacture, ensure high quality standards and efficient product flow. There was also a requirement for a quality office with temperature control to facilitate a specific area for carrying out quality assurance procedures.

The process: We were appointed to help design and build an ISO 7 clean room facility to enable our client to manufacture products in house and create a quality control office to maintain their high quality standards.

After extensive surveying of the empty warehouse, we worked with the client over a number of weeks to finalise a design that would ensure an efficient flow of products through the facility and with the capability for expansion in the future. Particular attention was given to the layout of rooms within the clean room facility to ensure all areas were the appropriate size for goods and trolleys passing in/out to make sure no areas would be underutilised.

Results: Working closely with the internal team and after the successful installation of the new ISO 7 clean room facility and quality office, our client has benefited from:-

·         The ability to produce products in house

·         A designated area to ensure all products meet high quality standards

·         Reduced costs as outsourcing has been decreased

·         Capability to grow the business

·         Designated areas for machinery

·         Custom designed furniture and trolleys to ensure efficient product flow

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