Design and build of new clean room facility – Case Study

Project Description

Design and build of new clean room facility dramatically increases business production

Project objective:

With limited available space and an urgent need to expand, our client, a specialist vitamin tablet manufacturer, requested our recommendations. They required the conversion of empty warehouse space into a twenty cubicle clean room facility with humidity and temperature control to protect the product during manufacture, prevent contamination and ensure high quality standards to meet MHRA requirements.

The process:

We were appointed to help design and build the clean room facility to improve efficiency of their existing clean room production procedures and quality standards following the service and maintenance of their existing facility.

After extensive surveying of the empty warehouse, we worked with the client over a number of weeks to finalise a design that would ensure an efficient flow of products through the facility from manufacture to packaging and labelling. Particular attention was given to the routing of services through and out of the building as the air handling plant was required to be located on a small plant area on the roof two storeys above the clean room facility.


Working closely with the internal team and the successful installation of the new clean room facility, our client has benefited from:-

•       The ability to dramatically increase production of existing products.

•       Extra space to test, research and manufacture new products to high standards.

•       Designated areas for storage and machinery.

•       Able to store, package & label products in-house instead of outsourcing.

•       Reduced manufacturing costs.

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