Our expertise includes clean room installations for healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, medical research and development facilities, pharmaceutical, defence and technology industries.

We create controlled environments using the latest equipment including HEPA or UPLA filters and laminar flow technology to prevent contamination.

We are able to meet British, Federal or International Certification and operating standards, and can offer the flexibility in our design and construction to meet whichever is required.

A clean room ensures a stable and secure environment as it is engineered to manage environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapours. The level of contamination is controlled to meet the desired regulatory standards.

Airology clean room installations can include wet benches, air cabinets, gowning areas, yellow light rooms, pass-throughs, customised partitioning, walls, flooring and ceilings which all meet the very highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Once the clean room facility is completed, we undertake comprehensive vetting of all the air handling processes installed. We also offer validation and certification of the new clean room if required.

We know that quality and design are paramount to deliver a first class efficient and effective clean room environment. We offer an in-house design service using the latest CAD systems to ensure your complete confidence right from the start of every project.

As part of this process Airology can manage building regulations, planning permission and health and safety legislation.

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Portable Cleanrooms

Airology design and construct portable clean facilities. Portable cleanrooms are provided with all the necessary services required to sustain a clean environment. They are an economic and fast solution if internal space is at a premium.

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Cleanroom Aftercare

Airology offer a complete solution for your cleanroom. This service extends to clean room aftercare to support your business and keep your cleanroom in perfect working order with ongoing maintenance. Proper management of your cleanroom ensures that the requirements of industry standards are met year after year.

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