Design & Construction


From the initial concept stage, an Airology cleanroom is designed and constructed to the highest quality to meet cleanroom ISO classification standards.

We are industry experts in the cleanroom field and our bespoke service offers you total control over your cleanroom project.

No matter the size of your project, we can provide an experienced team working from conception to competition, ensuring everything meets stringent quality checks. We design and construct the flooring, ceiling materials and wall finishes to meet your exact requirements.

As part of this process Airology manage building regulations, planning permission and health and safety legislation. Whilst we are installing a new air conditioning system or clean room, we can also offer a complete interior fitting out service or refurbishment of existing facilities.

7 Key Decisions To Consider When Creating A Clean Room

1. DECIDE HOW it’s to be used

Medical, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing Technology to name but a few all need specific clean  room solutions. Define exactly how or what yours is to be used for.

2. DECIDE HOW it should be classified

ISO, GMP or FED classification? Designing and building to the right classification for your product or service is crucial to meeting your product or customer’s standards. Further advice and guidance is available.

3. DECIDE ON the right environment

Does your facility need to meet specific conditions of temperature and humidity. These conditions can be crucial to the manufacturing process and/or operating personnel within the facility.

4. DECIDE WHAT size it should be

Is it to cater for a specific process? – consider future growth, any likely expansion, access and exit of personel and materials.

5. DECIDE HOW impurities will be extracted or filtered

HEPA filters, ULPA filters, air locks and air showers are just a few means of controlling contaminants and fume within your facility. Professional advice and expertise is invaluable in helping you to get this right.

6. DECIDE ON the right lighting condition

Bright, dim, dark or yellow – for example there are many lighting conditions dependent upon the process within the facility together with the level of illumination required.

7. DECIDE HOW secure your facility needs to be

Is the clean room a hazardous environment? Who should gain access? is the product commercially sensitive to you and your customers?

If you are developing a clean room and are uncertain about what you need, professional advice and guidance is available on these and other key decisions needed to make your clean room a success. As experts in the design and construction of clean rooms and commercial air conditioning, Airology  systems would be happy to advise on any questions you have.

Simply get in touch and we will explain the benefits and innovative solutions we can bring to your air technology requirements.