Design & Build ISO Class 6 Clean Room Facility

Project Description

Design & Build ISO Class 6 Clean Room Facility

Project objective: With a requirement to bring in-house a product previously out-sourced, our client, a leading provider of cleanroom garments, consumables and medical devices to the healthcare sector, chose us as Principal Contractor and consultant for a new cleanroom build in Lincolnshire.

The requirement was for an ISO Class 6 / EU GMP Grade C clean room facility with a two stage changing facility, interlocked goods-in transfer, temperature control, HEPA filtration, pressure monitoring and night set back capability to maintain a constant condition within the room and ensure energy efficiency.

The process: We were appointed as Principal Contractor to help design and build an ISO 6 clean room facility to enable our client to meet their new requirement within a modern industrial unit.

After extensive surveying of the empty warehouse, we worked with our client over a number of weeks to finalise a design that would ensure a constant condition, high quality standards and a fast turnaround of products. Particular attention was given to pressure monitoring to compensate for pressure fall and increase.

Results: Following successful installation and validation of the new cleanroom facility, our client has benefited from:-

  • Lower energy costs due to the night set back facility
  • The ability to closely monitor pressure changes with notification of pressure fluctuation
  • Reduced costs as outsourcing has been decreased
  • Capability to grow the business and meet the growing demands of the industry

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