cleanroom aftercare

Airology offer a complete aftercare solution for your cleanroom and air handling systems.

It is essential that service and maintenance is carried out a regular intervals. Airology provides a full service and maintenance programme to ensure that the desired design results are achieved year on year.

This service extends to clean room aftercare to support your business and keep your cleanroom in perfect working order with ongoing maintenance. Proper management of your cleanroom ensures that the requirements of industry standards are met year after year.

Cleanroom Validation

Airology is able to validate your cleanroom on a regular basis to ensure it conforms to the desired standard and re-calibrate the equipment in your cleanroom to ensure it is running as it should eliminating the risks of contamination in your application.

Cleenroom Consumables

Airology supply accessories, consumables and services needed for the day to day operation of your cleanroom and air handling systems including:

  • Cleanroom apparel and the laundering of these garments
  • Cleanroom supplies and consumables
  • Air handling consumables
  • Specialist cleaning
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