Portable Clean Room Facility

Project Description

Airology has supplied and installed an ISO Class 6 Portable Clean Room Facility for Power Cable Services Ltd – a splicing service provider for manufacturers of high voltage submarine power cables.

The splices or “joints” manufactured by Power CSL are installed between lengths of insulated cores in various locations around the world. These joints enable the production of long cable runs which can then be installed at depths of up to 3km and for power transmission 5 – 10km sometimes much longer.

The cables, which are working at voltages up to 150kV, are constructed using “super clean” cross linkable vulcanisable polyethylene – it is critically important that the joints are produced under the same cleanliness criteria as the cable itself.

Power CSL decided that the only way they could guarantee the cleanliness and quality of the polyethylene used in the construction of these joints was to make the tapes themselves using the exact same material as the parent cable.

In order to produce the tapes at the required cleanliness level, Power CSL needed the production equipment to be housed in a Class 6 cleanroom. Specifically, they wanted the cleanroom to be a stand-alone facility that could house separate gowning, material storage and production areas with the flexibility to road transport the clean room should they wish to relocate their operation.

Tim Marsh, Power CSL, commented “The portable clean room was delivered on time, plugged in, and was ready to go. At all stages of the build, Airology was responsive and keen to provide a first class service”.

The solution provided by Airology included:

  • Design and construction
  • Transportation and installation
  • Air conditioning system
  • Fire alarm
  • Extraction system
  • Compressed air

Project Details

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