Airology can provide the complete design and installation of ventilation, heating and extraction systems for factories, offices, cleanrooms, laboratories and manufacturing areas.

We specialise in clean room extraction and ventilation, but are equipped to supply ventilation systems to a variety of customers.

This can take the form of:

Positive Pressurisation Systems – Designed to draw in fresh air that is filtered and dried at ambient temperatures, reducing chances of condensation and mould.

Fresh Air Input Systems – Create fresh and healthy working environments by supplying fresh, filtered air into a building.

Heating systems – Provide safe and reliable heating to your workplace.

Fume extract – Protect workers from harmful dust and fume with out fume extract systems

ATEX facilities – Make sure your workplace is compliant with all ATEX regulations.

No matter what your business needs are, Airology can provide a bespoke solution for your particular requirements.

Our ventilation systems help create safe, clean and productive working environments, and are able to help maintain strict temperatures, humidity, filtration, room pressurisation and airflow volume.

Maintenance, regular testing and technical support are a key element of the service we provide. We are committed to helping our customers long after the installation process with reliable aftercare services and support.

We can also upgrade existing ventilation systems to meet latest regulatory or customer requirements.

Simply get in touch and we will explain the benefits and innovative solutions we can bring to your air technology requirements.